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  1. [2.5 Beta] “Save Subtitled QuickTime Movie” feature no longer available

  2. [2.5 Beta] How do I use macOS Dictation with InqScribe?

  3. [2.5 Beta] Why doesn't "Select All" actually select all text?

  4. [2.5 Beta] Why is my transcript slow and buggy?

  5. Advice and tips for creating subtitled QuickTime movies

  6. Are there tutorials for InqScribe?

  7. Can I "return" my purchase for a refund?

  8. Can I automatically insert a timecode in a series (i.e., every 30 seconds)?

  9. Can I automatically insert timecodes as I type? What is the fastest way to insert timecodes?

  10. Can I format my transcript in tables?

  11. Can I play RealPlayer files?

  12. Can I play Windows Media files (.wmv and .wma) in InqScribe?

  13. Can I transfer my license to a new computer?

  14. Can I use a VPedal with InqScribe?

  15. Can I use an Infinity/VEC/ECS IN-USB foot pedal with InqScribe?

  16. Can I use an Olympus foot pedal with InqScribe?

  17. Can I use InqScribe in the background while I type in another program (e.g. Word)?

  18. Can I use InqScribe with Avid?

  19. Can I use InqScribe with DaVinci Resolve?

  20. Can I use InqScribe with Final Cut Pro X?

  21. Can I use InqScribe with Premiere?

  22. Can I use the space bar to start and stop video?

  23. Can InqScribe automatically transcribe audio for me?

  24. Can InqScribe import STL files?

  25. Can InqScribe play video from a DVD?

  26. Can InqScribe play YouTube videos?

  27. Can InqScribe recognize embedded timecodes?

  28. Do I have to use a foot pedal?

  29. Do I need to buy a subscription to use InqScribe?

  30. Do I need to buy separate license for my desktop and laptop computers?

  31. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

  32. Do you offer discounts for InqScribe purchases?

  33. Do you offer phone support?

  34. Do you work with resellers?

  35. Does InqScribe have a user manual?

  36. Does InqScribe offer spell check?

  37. Does InqScribe support discontinuous timecodes?

  38. Does InqScribe support Jeffersonian Conversational Analysis?

  39. Does InqScribe work on multi-monitor setups?

  40. Does InqScribe work with Mac OSX Lion (10.7)?

  41. Does InqScribe work with Mac OSX Mountain Lion (10.8)?

  42. Does InqScribe work with macOS Big Sur (11.0)?

  43. Does InqScribe work with macOS Catalina (10.15)?

  44. Does InqScribe work with macOS Mojave (10.14)?

  45. Does InqScribe work with macOS Monterey (12)?

  46. Does InqScribe work with the new M1 chip?

  47. Does InqScribe work with Windows 10?

  48. General Foot Pedal Troubleshooting Tips

  49. General Troubleshooting Guide

  50. How can I convert my .wmv to .mov?

  51. How can I enable an InqScribe license for multiple user accounts in Mac OS X?

  52. How can I save a transcript without timecodes?

  53. How can I send a bug report from InqScribe?

  54. How can I share media files via the web with other InqScribe users?

  55. How can I use Flash (.flv) movies with InqScribe?

  56. How do I access the ~/Library folder in Mac OSX Lion (10.7) or later?

  57. How do I add subtitles to my Facebook video?

  58. How do I adjust the timecodes in my transcript?

  59. How do I burn or hardcode subtitles onto a video?

  60. How do I cancel my InqScribe trial?

  61. How do I change InqScribe's Preferred Media Player setting?

  62. How do I change the appearance of my Premiere subtitles?

  63. How do I convert my mp3 file to a WAV file?

  64. How do I create a custom FCP 7 XML Export Template?

  65. How do I delete my InqScribe account?

  66. How do I enter my license code?

  67. How do I export to FCP 7 XML?

  68. How do I figure out which version of InqScribe I'm running?

  69. How do I find my preferences file?

  70. How do I get a site license?

  71. How do I get Final Cut Pro markers to work?

  72. How do I import my subtitles into VLC Player?

  73. How do I insert time of day to transcribe live footage or events?

  74. How do I install InqScribe?

  75. How do I receive a 14-day evaluation trial of InqScribe?

  76. How do I set a character limit while transcribing for my captioning system?

  77. How do I set QuickTime 7 Player to be the default movie player?

  78. How do I set the number of seconds for skipback?

  79. How do I set the start time of my media clip?

  80. How do I set up my foot pedal?

  81. How do I share my InqScribe transcript?

  82. How do I transcribe in a language other than English?

  83. How do I troubleshoot Final Cut Pro XML exporting/importing?

  84. How do I uninstall InqScribe?

  85. How do I upload subtitles to Vimeo?

  86. How do I upload subtitles to YouTube?

  87. How long is my license good for?

  88. How many licenses do I need to buy?

  89. How to turn off Windows "Default Beep" for ALT key shortcuts/snippets

  90. I am tax exempt. How can I avoid paying sales tax or VAT?

  91. I can hear my audio but no video is playing. Why?

  92. I have a file with a timecode in one channel and audio in the other (LTC). Can InqScribe detect the timecode?

  93. I lost my license code. Can you resend it to me?

  94. I requested a trial license and it did not arrive. Where is it?

  95. I unplugged my foot pedal and now InqScribe won't recognize it. Why?

  96. I'm buying InqScribe for someone else, how do I register InqScribe under different name?

  97. I'm getting an error: "QTCF.dll is missing". How can I fix that?

  98. InqScribe is crashing. Why?

  99. InqScribe says it's expired. What should I do?

  100. InqScribe v2.0.5 crashes in Windows with a "MediaProxy" error. How can I fix this?

  101. Is InqScribe available on CD or DVD?

  102. Is there is a 64-bit version available?

  103. QuickTime X can play MPEG-2 media, why can't InqScribe?

  104. Tips for assigning keyboard shortcut triggers

  105. What are the different ways to create a subtitled video?

  106. What are the technical requirements?

  107. What do InqScribe's future updates mean for me?

  108. What if I have questions about my invoice?

  109. What is a codec? What is a container? Why is my media incompatible?

  110. What should I do if my file is incompatible with InqScribe?

  111. What's the difference between a "Site License" and a "Single User License"?

  112. What's the difference between the full version and the free version of InqScribe?

  113. What's the licensing agreement for InqScribe?

  114. When I export to SCC, why is InqScribe converting values to the pound sign (£)?

  115. When I'm typing in Hebrew or Arabic, why does my keyboard switch to English input whenever I insert a Snippet?

  116. Where can I buy USB foot pedals?

  117. Where can I download QuickTime for free?

  118. Where can I find older versions of InqScribe?

  119. Which foot pedals can I use with InqScribe?

  120. Which media formats can InqScribe play?

  121. Why am I getting a 'The document "" could not be opened.' error when I export a subtitled movie?

  122. Why am I getting an "XML Translation was aborted due to critical error" message in Final Cut Pro?

  123. Why am I getting the message "Unknown timecode frame rate: 29970/1000"?

  124. Why are old transcripts opening when I launch InqScribe?

  125. Why are some play controls (including Shortcuts and Snippets) disabled?

  126. Why are there red flashes in my video?

  127. Why can't I adjust my timecode?

  128. Why can't I rewind with my foot pedal?

  129. Why can't I set up my foot pedal (i.e., foot pedal setup wizard crashes)?

  130. Why can't I use certain keyboard shortcuts with my non-U.S. Keyboard?

  131. Why do gray bars appear in my transcript?

  132. Why do I get a crash or error message (i.e., "NilObject Exception") when starting InqScribe?

  133. Why do I keep getting a "Cannot find media file" error?

  134. Why does InqScribe quit immediately after launching?

  135. Why doesn't my foot pedal work with macOS Monterey (12.0)?

  136. Why doesn't my InqScribe file retain the file path for my media when I change computers?

  137. Why doesn't my timecode match the movie?

  138. Why is "Rewind One Frame" not working?

  139. Why is InqScribe freezing or skipping when I play video or audio?

  140. Why is InqScribe not recognizing the full length of my media file?

  141. Why is my subtitled QuickTime movie displaying incorrectly?

  142. Why is the "Save Subtitled QuickTime Movie..." menu item disabled?

  143. Why is the timecode frame rate in InqScribe's transcript different from the frame rate of my video?

  144. Why is typing in my transcript so slow?

  145. Why is Windows warning me about 'harming my computer' and 'putting my PC at risk' when I try to install InqScribe?

  146. Why won't InqScribe accept my license code?

  147. Why won't my subtitles work in Mac OSX 10.7 or later?

  148. Why won't my subtitles work in Windows?

  149. Why won't my WebVTT file upload correctly?

  150. Why won't YouTube recognize my exported SCC transcript?

  151. Will InqScribe play .MPEG-2 files on Windows?

  152. Will InqScribe play .MTS files?

  153. Will InqScribe work on a Surface Pro?

  154. Will InqScribe work on my Google Chromebook?

  155. Will my InqScribe license work on both Mac and Windows?

  156. Windows Media Player or QuickTime will play my media, but InqScribe won't. Why?

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