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What's the difference between a "Site License" and a "Single User License"?

The main difference between a “Site License” and a “Single User License” is that with a site license you get a single license code that’s good for all the computers covered by license. With individual licenses, you’ll get, say 5 different licenses, one for each computer. It may or may not be a little more hassle to manage, depending on your setup.

The discounts for site licenses and single licenses are the same.

The other minor difference is that site licenses are a little more trouble to process just because we have to do some paperwork.

If you would like to purchase a site license, please email us the following information:

  1. Name to go on the site license. (e.g. “Thinq Films”)
  2. Address for the site license.
  3. A location description where the licenses will be used (e.g. “Post Processing Lab”).

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