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Which foot pedals can I use with InqScribe?

InqScribe directly supports most USB foot pedals. While we can’t guarantee that InqScribe will work with every USB foot pedal on the market, we are continually adding to our list of confirmed compatible foot pedals.

If you have a pedal from another manufacturer, please download InqScribe (it’s free to try!) and test out your pedal. Does it work? Are you having issues? Let us know by sending an email to We'll use your feedback to update this list.

For more information on foot pedals, please visit the foot pedals documentation page.

Supported Foot pedals

Currently our list of supported pedals includes:

Unsupported Foot pedals

These pedals are known to NOT work with InqScribe:

  • Infinity IN-USB-3 and IN-USB-2 version 15. We are working on support for these newer pedals. While you can currently assign a single command to this pedal on Mac, you cannot make use of all three button inputs as intended. On Windows, you will not be able to assign any commands. We hope to resolve this in a future update.
    UPDATE: The Infinity IN-USB-3 and IN-USB-2 version 15 pedals are now supported by our InqScribe 2.5 beta for macOS. More info here.
  • Olympus
  • Philips. Specifically, users have reported issues with the Philips LFH2310 foot pedal.
  • Any serial-port based foot pedal. Simply adding a USB adapter to a serial port-based pedal will not make it work with InqScribe. What is important is not whether you plug the pedal into a USB port, but whether the pedal can register itself with the operating system as an available input device.
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