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How to turn off Windows "Default Beep" for ALT key shortcuts/snippets

Windows has a "Feature" where any key combination that includes the ALT key will result in the Windows "Default Beep" being played.

This can be really annoying if you want to use the ALT key combination as a trigger for a shortcut or snippet, e.g. "ALT-S": every time you press "ALT-S" the system will beep.

You have two options:

1. Don't use the ALT key. Try a CTRL key combination instead.

2. Turn off the "Default Beep" sound.

We don't recommend this solution as it will turn off the Default Beep for ALL applications on your computer, including Windows.  So you might be missing some critical feedback from another application.  

But if using "ALT" is necessary and if you're willing to live with missing beep, here's how you can do it:

a. Hit the Windows key to activate the search bar.
b. Type in "Sound"
c. Under the "Settings" results you'll see a "Change system sounds" item.  Click on that.
d. This will bring up the "Sound" Control Panel".
e. Click on the "Sounds" tab.
f. In the "Program Events" pane, scroll down slightly until you see the "Default Beep" setting, under the "Windows" category.
g. Click on "Default Beep" to select it.
h. Under the "Sounds:" popup menu at the bottom of the control panel, it should say something like "Windows Ding.wav".
I. Click on the popup menu and select the first item, "(None)".
j. Click the "Apply" button.

Now go back to InqScribe and test your ALT shortcut.  It should no longer beep.

If you need to revert the setting, just set the "Default Beep" back to "Windows Ding.wav".

(This assumes Windows 10.  This can be accomplished similarly with other versions of Windows.  Just look for the Sound control panel.)

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