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  1. Getting Started 

    1. How do I install InqScribe?
    2. Does InqScribe have a user manual?
    3. Are there tutorials for InqScribe?
    4. General Troubleshooting Guide
    5. Can InqScribe automatically transcribe audio for me?
  2. Licenses 

    1. How do I enter my license code?
    2. Can I transfer my license to a new computer?
    3. Do I need to buy separate license for my desktop and laptop computers?
    4. Will my InqScribe license work on both Mac and Windows?
    5. How long is my license good for?
  3. Sales 

    1. Do you offer discounts for InqScribe purchases?
    2. I am tax exempt. How can I avoid paying sales tax or VAT?
    3. Is InqScribe available on CD or DVD?
    4. Can I "return" my purchase for a refund?
    5. Do you work with resellers?
  4. Media 

    1. Which media formats can InqScribe play?
    2. How do I change InqScribe's Preferred Media Player setting?
    3. Why are some play controls (including Shortcuts and Snippets) disabled?
    4. What should I do if my file is incompatible with InqScribe?
    5. Can InqScribe recognize embedded timecodes?
  5. Transcripts 

    1. Can I automatically insert timecodes as I type? What is the fastest way to insert timecodes?
    2. Why is typing in my transcript so slow?
    3. Can I automatically insert a timecode in a series (i.e., every 30 seconds)?
    4. Can I use InqScribe in the background while I type in another program (e.g. Word)?
    5. Does InqScribe offer spell check?
  6. Shortcuts & Snippets 

    1. Tips for assigning keyboard shortcut triggers
    2. How do I set the number of seconds for skipback?
    3. Why can't I use certain keyboard shortcuts with my non-U.S. Keyboard?
    4. When I'm typing in Hebrew or Arabic, why does my keyboard switch to English input whenever I insert a Snippet?
    5. Why is "Rewind One Frame" not working?
  7. Foot Pedals 

    1. General Foot Pedal Troubleshooting Tips
    2. Which foot pedals can I use with InqScribe?
    3. Where can I buy USB foot pedals?
    4. How do I set up my foot pedal?
    5. Do I have to use a foot pedal?
  8. Subtitles & Exporting 

    1. What are the different ways to create a subtitled video?
    2. Why is the "Save Subtitled QuickTime Movie..." menu item disabled?
    3. Advice and tips for creating subtitled QuickTime movies
    4. How do I burn or hardcode subtitles onto a video?
    5. Why am I getting a 'The document "" could not be opened.' error when I export a subtitled movie?
  9. Final Cut Pro 

    1. How do I export to FCP 7 XML?
    2. How do I troubleshoot Final Cut Pro XML exporting/importing?
    3. Can I use InqScribe with Final Cut Pro X?
    4. Why am I getting an "XML Translation was aborted due to critical error" message in Final Cut Pro?
    5. How do I create a custom FCP 7 XML Export Template?
  10. Troubleshooting 

    1. Does InqScribe work with macOS Catalina (10.15)?
    2. Why do I get a crash or error message (i.e., "NilObject Exception") when starting InqScribe?
    3. Do you offer phone support?
    4. Does InqScribe work with Windows 10?
    5. Does InqScribe work with Mac OSX Lion (10.7)?
  11. All articles 

    1. How do I install InqScribe?
    2. Do you offer discounts for InqScribe purchases?
    3. How do I enter my license code?
    4. Which media formats can InqScribe play?
    5. How do I export to FCP 7 XML?

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