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What's the difference between the full version and the free version of InqScribe?

First, the most important thing to understand is that there is only one version of InqScribe to download. By default, InqScribe runs in the free, unregistered mode. You can add a 14-day trial license or a full, paid license in order to unlock InqScribe and use all of it's features. But there are no separate versions to download.

Here are the 3 different ways of using InqScribe:
  • In the free, unregistered mode of InqScribe, you'll get access to features like inserting clickable timecodes, creating snippets, and drag-and-drop media import without any time limit. The main restriction is that the unregistered mode doesn't allow you to save or print your transcript. You won't be able to export or create a Subtitled QuickTime Movie either. We mainly offer this free download as a way to test the software and to facilitate project sharing. For more on how to streamline project sharing, check out this blog post.
  • The 14-day trial of InqScribe gives you exact same features as a full license. The only difference is that you're limited to a 14-day access period.
To get started with InqScribe, head on over to our Downloads page.

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