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Can I use an Infinity/VEC/ECS IN-USB foot pedal with InqScribe?

The Infinity IN-USB-1 and IN-USB-2 (versions 14 and older) foot pedals (also branded as VEC and ECS) will work with InqScribe. There is no need to install additional drivers.

The newer Infinity IN-USB-3 and IN-USB-2 version 15 foot pedals are not yet supported. While you can currently assign a single command to this pedal on Mac, you cannot make use of all three button inputs as intended. On Windows, you will not be able to assign any commands. We plan to add full support for both of these newer pedals in a future update.

2021 UPDATE: Our ongoing InqScribe 2.5 Beta for macOS now supports the IN-USB-3 and IN-USB-2 version 15 pedals. More info here.

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